I was trying to send my son to OliveTree 3 times. First was when he was 1.5 and he was too young, second – when I thought he is not happy with his current kindergarten; and final third – when I was sure he is not happy and it was time to change something.

Big groups, lots of rules, small “garden” with plastic grass, junk food, perpetual sickness – this is NOT about the OliveTree.

OliveTree is about freedom and love; about the value of each particular child and his/her temper and emotions; about the big real garden with hammock, wooden toys, sand, and natural grass and flowers; about friendship and happiness; about healthy food and healthy food habits; about fairytales and sweet dreams; about lovely teachers and many many more…

The first sign for each mother is her child if he/she is happy or sad; if he/she is full of joy or crying when she is leaving; if he/she is healthy or feels sick every month…

Since we came to OliveTree, my son did not have any sickness, at all, and I know to compare with. We love Olive Tree, and we know choosing OliveTree we give the best start for our children.