I absolutely love OliveTree. It is a great place to be for the child and the parent, to learn, to participate, and to enjoy great people and the environment. It is a place where my child wanted to go and to stay. And I have to say that I found Olive Tree after visiting a few other kindergartens.

I would start by saying that I cannot call OliveTree a kindergarten. It is much more! It is a family place, an extension of your home, a hidden paradise, where you meet new family, where you learn and share, where your child feels safe and learns to be creative free personality, where you find kind people and professional educators.

When I came to OliveTree first time,I did not see a typical kindergarten. I see a paradise garden and a family house hidden in the hills, surrounded by pomegranate trees and blooming garden. A gorgeous view of the sea makes it so special and relaxing place. You find nice kids’ books and amazing wooden toys. As an adult, I was keeping those books and toys as precious treasures in my hands.

I love so much the fact that as a parent I am always welcome to OliveTree. I could come, stay, participate in activities together with educators, other parents, and kids. It is a very welcoming community and this helps me trust the place and the people (not like other kindergartens, where parents are often not allowed to enter or to stay). I and my kid enjoyed many times playing together, cooking organic foods, listening to beautiful Sehil’s stories, and fairy tales which are told in a small circle like in old times.

At OliveTree I was sure I am leaving my child to kind and professional educators. I knew that all the reactions and all the words will be just right and adequate, that my kid will feel safe, respected, and appreciated. I could leave him there with no worries. It is so sensitive age and I think kids need the most talented, well-trained, and kind teachers.

And, of course, I should mention that the beautiful person who stands behind the Olive Tree. I admire the personality and the knowledge of the director Sehil. His dedication to the Waldorf system and more than 30 years of experience,  University studies in History, natural wisdom, and kindness, his priceless knowledge provide a precious source for learning and make OliveTree such an amazing and unique place for kids and adults. I have learned myself so much about kids, adults, and about following the path of freedom. I am so grateful I have met Sehil and proud to keep friendly relation with him after leaving the OliveTree.