We found out about the unique Olive Tree kindergarten accidentally – our two friend’s kids have been going there for the last 3 years and were extremely happy.

Our Alice adapted immediately from the first day, and for the last half a year she asks us to bring her to kindergarten almost every morning.


Our family really likes that in the Olive Tree there is no goal to «raise» a child in the traditional sense of the word, the main task is to save his freedom and inner world, as well as the individuality of the child, given by nature.

The idea of linking the child with nature very close to us, as well as developing his independence and freedom. The atmosphere in the school is very calm, you feel like home, it seems that you are taking the child to very good friends.

OliveTree is not only about children, but also about parents. You study with your kid, in order to live in the same home environment. I understand that OliveTree is not for everyone, but if you feel that the goals and ideas are close to you, come without hesitation!