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Partnerships with families

Information for Parents

Established relationships with parents means we can share information positively and effectively to support children as much as possible. They are at the center of our focus and commitment.

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    Hours of Operation

    We open at 8 am. Most families come around 9 am. Lunch finishes at 12h30. Children who stay afternoon go for a nap around 13h00. This is the time also when parents come for pick up. At 13h30 the morning schedule is over. Afternoons finish at 17h30 precisely.

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    Open communication between parents and staff is strongly encouraged. Educators are encouraged to learn what is important to you as a parent and to use that information when they are involved with children.

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    Health and Medical Infos

    We are required to ask to each family any information concerning child's health, family environment and anything related to Medical issues. We ask families to be proactive and responsible.

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    If your child is injured while at the centre, staff will administer basic first aid. If medical attention is required, attempts will be made to reach the parents immediately. Staff will call Emergency Services if required.

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    Exploration often requires getting messy! All of the materials that we use are washable however, we are aware that some paint colors and other materials are difficult to fully remove.

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    Children are encouraged to taste a variety of foods but no child is ever forced to eat foods that they do not wish to.

Parent Resources

These resources provide new parents with an understanding of the mission, philosophy, policies, and procedures followed at our centre.

Children need healthy food made with Love

Healthy Nutrition for Growing Children

90% of our food is organic and/or local. We limit gluten, prohibit processed sugars, and dairy products from cows. All our food is prepared with a view to maintaining its full nutritional value. The centre provides a nutritious morning and afternoon snack and a vegetarian lunch at lunchtime. Our meals are prepared and shared with love and joy.




Understanding children’s behavior

Will and Imitation

Imitation stands first and foremost as the means by which children learn the patterns that will support them for their entire lives


Some Beliefs

  • Imitation of the behaviors they see is a natural process for children of this age

  • Providing healthy models for that imitation, without intellectual explanation, allows the will to develop more fully

  • A breathing rhythm of our day is essential– it keeps the children’s energy balanced and content.

  • We do not teach children to be "Polite". We encourage them to be truthful.


What we don't do

  • Restricting children's emotions.
  • Forcing children to eat or do something with authority.
  • Entertain children in order to make them busy
  • Restricting their movements. Children are allowed to run, jump, climb, etc...
  • Teaching children how to read and write. We prefer to wait until 6/7 years old when they will join the Primary School.
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