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Frequently Asked Questions

What language do you speak with children?

Our international community is rich. Our main language is English,. We also use Russian and French. Almost all our songs are in French!

Do you teach children reading and writing?

Olivetree is a place where children play freely and learn thru play. We are not preparing children to read and write. We are preparing them for life by revealing their true potential.

What are the ages of children you accept?

Children are already welcome from15 months with their parents. From 20 months according to social maturity, we can integrate them to our life cycle. They stay with us in general, until 5 years old.

What are Olivetree hours?

We welcome children from 8h00 until 17h30. For the morning program, it ends at 13h30.

What about transportation?

Olivetree is located 2 kilometers outside Pyrgos village, uphill. A car is needed. Some parents do carpooling when needed.

How can I volunteer at Olivetree?

Parents are invited to stay for the first few days of the child's integration. They learn with us our rhythm and are guided by our organization of the day. They can then volunteer at mealtime and stay until the end of the morning. Once the year begins, there are many opportunities to get involved, whether it is to help the children at events or to participate in specific activities. Several celebrations are planned throughout the year.

Do you teach painting

Children paint and use watercolor every week. We don't teach them any technic or ask them to copy a model. We let them to express freely their rising artistic sense.

How is Olivetree different from other educational institutions?

Education at Olivetree is entirely child-centered and addresses the children where they are in their developmental stage rather than pushing them to conform and adapt too early or too quickly to the pressures and demands of the adult world. We believe that childhood is a precious gift that should be protected and nurtured because it provides a strong and healthy foundation for life - socially, artistically and intellectually. Olivetree teaches the whole human being, head, heart and hands, developing individual abilities to think, feel and engage the will, whereas most education systems focus solely on brain development. We value the gifts and talents of each child assigned to us, rather than valuing only their intellectual achievements. Being a human being is much more than simply storing and processing information.

Does Olivetree provide food?

We provide all the food and water. We eat vegetarians organic meals with local products as much as we can. We are sugar free place and have low gluten meals.

Can I visit or take a tour before I enroll my child?

Absolutely. It is necessary to meet us, to visit our place and also an opportunity for us to meet your child.

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