How to find the best school

Your child should not be placed in the hands of any educational system.

It must be entrusted to an educator who will be able to think freely and without any social, political or economic influence, will act freely for the well-being of your child.

When a school or educators hide behind a system, then they are not ready to take on the educational responsibility.
They act only by applying methods, without renewing them by the fire of the soul.
This is what your child will ingest.

Dear parents, be demanding, be attentive, explore, question, watch…

This is your child we are talking about, this is about the future of humanity.

In order for your child to act in complete freedom and creativity, she/he must be guided by beings who are.
Look for them.
Only that matters.

Whatever the name of the school or the system, only the educator’s freedom of thought, action and creation counts.

This is your quest