The power of imitation
Alissa is not yet 3 years old.
She saw me once watering this area of the garden.
She immediately took the initiative to do it herself.
She used almost the same gestures, position, method.
She is in full observation and action.
Her will is fully focused on the realisation of what she has impregnated.
Her sense of imitation is powerful. ——-
This is how it happens to children.
What we offer them, our actions, thoughts, or emotions are deeply recorded into them. This is a footprint in the soul.
It becomes their own print.
As an educator, I’m always careful what kind of footprint I leave into the child.
The most important, as adults, is to be careful about our inner life.
A child is inspired by who we are.
Not only from what we do.

Who are you?
Where are you from?
Where are you going?
These are the eternal questions of the eternal quest we should ask to ourselves eternally.