What your child missed the most?

For weeks now, most of the children and parents have been locked in their homes.
Weeks of learning to live together all those hours.
Weeks of finding the balance between shared and private space.
Weeks of finding ideas for creativity and learning within 4 walls while sun and nature call for breathing dust-free air, playing with the friend without borders.
Weeks have passed and others remain to be conquered.
Your child has remained in the protection of your house and how many times have you wished you could let him/her run outside?
How many times have you wished to share the great outdoors, take the sun’s warmth on your cheek, and be surrounded by friends who suddenly become dear to you.
Soon the schools will open their doors.
Your child will be back with her/his friends/teachers.
Will he/she be immersed in the space, the world, the air and the generous nature?
Or will she/ he lock himself up in a classroom, sitting on a chair, listening silently, doing what is asked and wisely, waiting for the end of the day to come home, walls still to welcome him?
Why don’t you explore the possibility of offering what you missed the most during those weeks of isolation?
Offering freedom to your child is a precious gift.
It is a formative gift for the adult she/he will become.
It is a courageous challenge.
There are places where this challenge is permanent.
Schools like the Waldorf schools offer you the opportunity to explore this freedom.
At Olivetree, this is what we experience every day and every day brings us the sweet taste of freedom.
Why, from 4 walls of the house, will you wisely bring your child into the 4 walls of the school.
Is there a meaning to all this?
I haven’t found it yet.
Maybe I haven’t looked for it yet.