A New Easter

A day after
That was the time when the rabbit was busy preparing all the eggs he had to leave in the secret corners of our garden or house.
He was busy at night making sure he didn’t make too much noise in order not to wake up the children.
Is this time over?
I loved to prepare and go on egg hunting trips with the children.
I continued to pursue this quest with the children of my school.
It’ was the magic of Easter and the resurrection.
To be able to marvel purely and innocently as a child does so well.
This year, for most of us, Easter took place in a strict privacy.
Many families found themselves shut inside their homes and weren’t not be able to roam the fields to find the magic eggs of our Easter bunny.

Easter could be a founding element of adulthood.
It is a pillar of the soul to which we attach ourselves, bathing us in the memory of joy.
Easter remains the highlight of the year as far as I am concerned.
My inner child looks forward to it.
The inner child trembles with joy to find the eggs of destiny and to walk the path that comes to him with all the strength that faith can give him.

Happy days after Easter!
This is all what I wish to all of us.
This is a blessing to maintain the resurrection as an infinite process to transform our life and grow into a space of creativity and freedom.