Easter will come soon

I don’t know about you, but creating the atmosphere of Easter seems to be a real challenge.
We still have a few hours left before we enter the “death and resurrection” cycle.
Just a few more hours to call within ourselves the mystery of rebirth and celebrate the cycle of life.
When there are so many premature departures on this planet, we need limitless optimism and hope. .

At Easter, it is in the eyes of the children that we should dive in and let ourselves be absorbed by their spirit. .
It is strange not to see these children any more, the streets are empty, a few cars lost, people running emergency groceries.
Where are the children?
Where are the guardians of joy and innocence? .
Where are the builders of tomorrow?
Dear Parents, open the door to the mystery of resurrection and let your child discover the quest for joyful life.

The Easter bells will soon ring. Open wide the windows to welcome the new dawn.

Finally, Easter will surely come!