The best school is home

I’m often asked which school is the best.
I always answer: “the best school is home”. It is in the warmth of home, surrounded by loving and available people that a young child grows up with all the strengths of self-confidence.

We are living in exceptional times… We have the opportunity to live in presence, in attention with our children.
Keep preciously all these moments that you can spend with your child, in peace. Cultivate the joy of spending these moments together.
You have all the availability now.
Let’s say much more than before.
Your new power is to enrich the quality of your attention and presence.
The more you sustain your attention in simple activities, the more your child will find its autonomy.
You will find that, in the end, home is a wonderful magical place to recharge, create and connect with the joy of being together.

This is all that we share every day in our home at Olivetree.

Keep in mind that the best place to grow up is at home, and the best toys are the ones you use to cook, clean, tidy… involve your children in all the tasks of the house.
They’ll love it, you’ll love it too!