Fear is a dangerous virus

I grew up in fear.
Not a fear of what I can touch or see.
Only what comes from the invisible terrorized me.
It’s only in the last 10 years that I’ve been able to sleep alone, without light, in the most scary house.
I even spent weeks in a “really” haunted house!
Noises of forced walks over my head as I slept under the roof, with no possibility that any creature could stand and walk noisily.
It was terrifying for many.
It didn’t occur to me that it was some nightmarish creature, a ghost or other “demon” that haunts our darkest nights. I was certain that nothing could hurt me.
From my earliest childhood until adulthood, I’ve feared the dark, II’ve feared sleeping alone in a house.
I avoided any situation that might cause these fears to rise.
You know what?
It was as a child that my parents passed on the fear virus to me. At a very young age, they introduced me to their world shaped by their fear, without giving me a chance to live a “normal” childhood.
I saw monsters where my parents saw danger.
I have seen the devil where my parents forbade me to do something.
It was this notion of fear that forged all their pedagogical meaning.
50 years later, nothing has changed.
I’ve heard some parents in order to educate their child, they inject their terror. “Beware, the devil lives in this street.” If you don’t do this, a demon will come at night and steal your mummy and you’ll be very unhappy.
These are fascinating times.
In order to reduce the risk of infection, children are asked to stay at home.
But which adults do they stay with?
With what presence and love are they surrounded?
How do you, dear parents, find your way to radiate the necessary trust so that your child grows in this necessary goodness.
These coming weeks will be decisive in the life of your child.
Whether you want it or not, you will act durably in the soul of your child.
Which version of yourself will you share with your child during these weeks?
Remember, your child cannot hear what you are saying. Your child lives only in your emotions and is nourished by them.
Tell me, what help do you need?
Ask, and I will share with you some creative possibilities.