Where is the seed of happiness?

It is in the young years of our lives that we acquire walking, speaking and thinking with remarkable intensity.

This learning is strongest when it is done through the forces of imitation and example.
Why not sow the seeds of happiness in the soul of the young child?
Why put him in a classroom, make him sit for hours listening and repeating lessons when his whole being aspires to discover by itself the seeds of happiness?

It is only in a space where freedom and the respect of this freedom is respected that the child will be able to discover and nourish this happiness. This is the quest of all of us as adults.
To find joy and happiness.
It is in early childhood that all this is being played out.
It is in early childhood that the future adult will prepare all his soil of life.
It is in the secret of the child’s soul that already the mysterious quest for happiness is prepared.
Make sure that the seeds are sown.
Because, us, adults parents and educators, are the planters.