Does a child needs to learn politeness?

Culturally, I come from a country where politeness is extreme.
There is a great temptation in France to make a child repeat “Thank you” in the hope of teaching him or her politeness.
I’ve never heard my father say “thank you” or “please”. He never asked me to say thank you or please.
However, in his strictness, he showed me the way to gratitude.
I have often heard him thank his God with deep sincerity.
I learned from him gratitude and devotion.
He showed me that there is a higher presence watching over us and gratitude and devotion is essential in our communication with the invisible world.

I do not ask the child to say “thank you” or “please” to me.
I try to make sure to express my gratitude, my wonder at the beauty that surrounds me and I sincerely express my devotion to life.
The child is imbued with the emotions that inhabit our actions.
Politeness is an art helping to deal in relation with others.
It can become the art of hypocrisy when it comes to manipulating the other person to obtain something against his or her will.
The child will find himself the value of “Thank you” by putting all the warmth and truth that you have been able to put into it.
When I hear a child thanking me freely I melt by hearing this word resonating in its throat.
“Thank you” then becomes the magic Word, creator of gratitude, filling me with joy.

Can we try to not ask to our child to repeat mechanically “Thank you, please” anymore?
Take risk!
Give him/her the freedom to be true, give her/him time to explore true gratitude and attention to others.
This is also what it means to walk towards freedom.