Teachers are artists

I have never met an artist who creates by copying a work.
I have never met artists who followed the rules of an art school to accomplish their work.
They were all in a creative state that led them into the unknown.
They were imbued with stone, wood, canvas, colour.
Then their souls and hands entered a creative trance.

A teacher must learn to imbue himself with each student he has in front of him.
He must let the child vibrate in his soul in order to let the right momentum of the teaching to be carried radiate.
Like the artist, to teach following a book or defined programs is to cut oneself off from the source of life, from the source of creation.
It is often leading the sharing of knowledge like a machine performing a task without a soul.
Let us become enthusiastic teachers, full of resources of life, truth and exemplarity.

Let the artist within us act to give life to what becomes unique.

How much creativity do you allow in your life? .