When children play " school"

I like to observe carefully the quality of seriousness that children put into their games.

Playing “going to school” is the most serious thing I perceive.
They put a lot of attention to fetch their bag, line up, listen to the teacher (our oldest child) and obey exactly what she asks.
This game embraces all ages.
Children suddenly become very docile in front of authority.
They act the opposite of what we experience in our living space.
Is this the archetype of the school? To obey and follow?
How can we understand the fascination of the school for the child to quickly “follow and bend” to the will of the other?
While during all these years in kindergarten, our children grow up in a free and creative way.
Perhaps the archetypal forces of school are so deep in human culture that it takes great courage to redesign this model. `
Our children learn to grow up free. May they remain so and become great creators of their destiny.

Which school do you want your children to attend?
What educational model do you want to offer them?