How a child choose friends?

When children begin to develop language, they begin to develop social bonds with their surroundings.
They begin to live a temporary friendship and sometimes a sincere and deep brotherhood.
They do this in a purely generous and spontaneous way. However, they are selective.
They have an attraction to what balances them. They seek temperance in their friendship.
They do not necessarily seek what is a mirror of themselves.
They seek what will balance their being.
The strong will seek the soft.
The active will seek the peaceful.
The talkative will seek the listener.
The child remains free to choose.
He/she does not let another child force the door of friendship. He/she is capable of refusal and does not allow her/himself to be touched by another child’s need for contact.
As if the young child is very close to her/ his inner integrity.
She/he already knows what he wants, she/he knows how to listen to himself.

What about the adult world?
What do we do with social networks, virtual or real?
. I can’t say that I spend a lot of time cultivating friendship in different social networks.
Real or virtual friends don’t really occupy my daily life. And it is part of my free choice.
Like a child I could say that I am instinctively allergic to false connections, whether real or virtual.
I consider my instagram/Facebook accounts to be like my home, they are like my private space and reflect my person.
I also make sure that parents who join Olivetree are in line with the educational responsibility we put into action.
I freely choose with whom I can collaborate.
I do not let myself be guided by the need to please in order to satisfy a financial or reputational need.
Only integrity must guide me and inspire my choices.
Like a child, I find my freedom in my actions and in my friendships.
Do you let anyone enter into your home?
Do you make sure that your friendships make you better? Do you filter your friendship network?