Do you let colours permeate your child?
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Do you let colours permeate your child?
The experience of painting for young children is to let colours penetrate their senses.
It is for the adult to intervene as little as possible, to keep an atmosphere of silence or to sing a calm melody.
The child, by itself, will let the colours that appear on his sheet of paper permeate his soul.
@olivetreewaldorfcyprus , we use natural paint, with 3 primary colours only and the child will create all possible shades.
We are not looking for technique or performance.
We remain the witnesses of the discovery of the world of colours in the eyes of the child’s soul.
.Do you take the time to let your child paint at home, without your intervention?
.Can you let him discover all these nuances without the need to teach the child?
.Have you found a way for your child to find the path to self-learning?