Why do children know how to be cheerful?

I have often observed that the environment has a strong effect on children’s joy or sadness.

After the heavy rains of the past weeks, we have found the sun again, radiant and generous.
Everything is green in our garden. The children are excited, they express all their joy of life, joy of moving, running, shouting, dancing, changing, playing.

They know how to seize the opportunity to be joyful without restraint.It is my responsibility as an educator to give them all the space to express this joy, and to ensure that it can be done without restriction or obstruction.

And you, do you know how to seize the movement of gratitude to life to create joy?
Do you know how to nourish and protect it so that this fragile flame may become an eternal flame?

Joy is the instrument of the conquest of our freedom and our divinity.

Are you ready to explore this dimension of your life?

If you are missing elements, then do as I do, observe the children!