How to detect manipulative parents?

I have often heard complains from parents about their child in saying, « he/she is so manipulative ». .
A child is not born as a manipulative being. Most of the time, it is the reflection of the environment/parents that it is expressed thru the child. 
We can often see children imitating parents behaviors. 
But how can we see and help parents behaviors? 
Not everyone is manipulative in the sense of a personality disorder; obviously not all parents are manipulative.

The difference between manipulating the child sporadically and being a manipulative parent lies in the frequency and variety of ways in which the child or children are manipulated, used or exploited, while at the same time being devalued, more or less subtly. .
We have to observe how much the moods of the manipulator determine the atmosphere that prevails in the family home. .
Are the children on their guard all the time for fear of parental reactions, even when the atmosphere seems peaceful? .
Next time your child seems manipulative ask yourself the question, « how I can change this in me in order to help my child to change and be a positive and healthy person ». The child is you… your mirror. .
How to detect a manipulative parent?
Alone in seminars or with the help of a therapist one can advance in awakening and transformation. .
Institutions as @Olivetree can help you in this process. There are many that can. 
It’s up to you to create the opportunity to start a new life cycle. 
To be a parent demands a deep quest of transformation in order to become an educator 
Too many children are labeled manipulative, while the adults judging them seem to spare themselves any self-criticism. .
It is urgent to give means to disarmed parents so that their children can develop harmoniously not in humiliation and manipulation. .
Dear Parents, it is up to you to transform yourself. 
In this way, your children will find the sense of joy and freedom that we all aspire to integrate into our lives. .
Do you think you need help to transform your relationship with your child?