Is there any dream to explore?


Is there any dream to explore?

2020 is already here, true and genuine. A new year begins, an unknown decade begins.

Life remains mysterious and often requires a lot of courage to explore it. 
Like the first pioneers who discovered the American continent, to be parents is often to be a pioneer.

We have to get off the paths cleared by our parents and create our own path to self-realization.

Our children in turn will have to trace their own path, sometimes freeing themselves from the presence of their ancestors to draw their own destiny.

In all of that our parents, ourselves and our children, one element remains common. Our ability to love. Our future will depend on it.

It begins by loving oneself, it is almost an evidence which is I must admit difficult to integrate in our adult lives.

The spontaneous child is open to the world. Its enthusiasm to discover, to learn, to experiment, becomes a source of love for life, for the world, for itself.

It is this freedom we will find in the early childhood, which will determine our future as an adult.
Freedom to create becomes freedom to love.
And when we are free to love, then we free ourselves from fear and from the obligations of success.

We become a being who fulfills him/herself, who realizes him/herself and finally, proud to be an adult who contributes to the realization of her/his DREAMS, to create his/her path in all circumstances. And often, we contribute for a better world.

I wish that this year, this decade be the call of our consciousness and our actions: that love be at the center of our lives.

Any dreams to share and make them real?

Have a great 2020 adventure!