The last Angel of Christmas

On the last Sunday of Christmas,
a great Angel, with a very tender and warm purple robe, appears in the sky and passes over the entire earth.

He holds a large Lyre in his hand.
He plays on this lyre, a piece of very soft music, singing a very harmonious and clear song.
But to hear it, one must have a silent and caring heart.
He sings the great song of Peace, the song of the Christmas Child and of the Kingdom of God coming on the earth.
Many little Angels follow him, and they too sing and rejoice in heaven.
Then all the seeds that sleep in the earth wake up, and the earth itself listens and trembles: the song of the Angels tells her that God does not forget her and that
one day she will be a paradise again

Christmas is soon coming, the four Angels are ready to open the path to the Child.
Did you prepare your heart to welcome Him?