Did the White Angel come to touch your heart?

This is the story shared for the third week of Advent.

Children and adults are waiting for the miracle.
“A bright White Angel descends to the earth.
He holds in his right hand a ray of sunlight which has a magnificent power.
He goes towards all the humans in which the red Angel had found true love in their hearts and he touches them with his ray of light.
Then this light penetrates the hearts of these humans and starts to illuminate and warm them from within.
And it is as if the sun lights up in their eyes and descends into their hands, their feet and their whole body.
Even the poorest, the most humble among humans are then transformed and begin to be like Angels, if they have a little bit of pure love in their hearts.
But not everyone sees this white Angel… Only the Angels see him and those who have been enlightened by his light.
It is with this light in the eyes that we can also see the little child who is born at Christmas in the manger. ”

Did you see the White Angel?