Can Children Really See Angels?

This is the story we can share with children during the second week of Advent.
For the second week, a second Angel comes down from heaven. He is dressed in a large red coat and wears a large gold basket in his left hand.

This basket is empty and the Angel would like to fill it to bring it back full before the throne of God… But what will he put in it?
The basket is very thin and delicate, because it is braided with rays of sunlight; one cannot put heavy things in it…
The Angel passes very discreetly through all the houses, on all the earth and searches.
What is he looking for?
He looks into the hearts of all beings to see if he finds a little pure love there.
And this love, he puts it in his cup and… he carries it to heaven.
And there, those who inhabit heaven, the Angels and also the human who died on earth, take this love and create the light for the stars.

Did you see any red angel coming visiting you last nights?

The children of Olivetree said « yes » to that question, what about you?

Are children more likely to see Angels than adults?