Why Water Becomes Ice in Winter?


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On the way to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph arrived one day by a riverbank.
It was a small stream, it was neither wide or deep.
But in the middle of winter, the water was very cold.

The little donkey carefully dipped a hoof in the water and removed it immediately: he had the impression that the cold was biting his leg.

He was determined not to put a foot in the water again.
Marie and Joseph had been looking for a bridge or a boat to cross the river, but they hadn’t found anything.
What were they going to do?
Joseph was rolling up already his coat.
He was determined to take Mary on his shoulders to cross over.
But Joseph’s idea did not please Mary; he could have caught a cold or hurt himself.
She went very close to the river bank and sang softly: “Avent Avent, une lumière brille…” An answer rose from the waters, like a gentle ringing of bells.
And suddenly the water froze, forming a transparent bridge like the glass, but so solid that it allowed Mary, Joseph, and even the little donkey to reach the other side.

This is how water becomes ice in winter, waiting for the miracle happens again.

What miracle are you ready to create for Christmas?