How do you know Christmas is coming?


Not only because the streets and shops are fully decorated.

Christmas is the best time of year to feel the forces of devotion and magic found in the heart of all believers, no matter what their faith is. It is a unique moment to embrace the miracle, to feel the power of hope and mystery growing and reaching its final moment with the celebration of the Birth.

With our children at Olivetree we are preparing with patience and mystery, these weeks before Christmas.
I’m not speaking with them about red and white Santa Claus in his flying sled.

I am talking about angels visiting the earth, I am talking about minerals, plants and animals feeling that something special is coming.
Then I introduce human beings, who will accompany this miracle that hope creates.

It will take me four weeks of patience, stories and wonder before Christmas arrives.

This week it is the first angel to come, the blue angel, the angel of silence and peace he announces in our hearts that Christmas is coming and that we must be prepared.