The Broom Dance


I often let myself be surprised by the sense of imitations of children.
They like to integrate into their own world, what adults can inspire them.

For example, in the household, they can simply get fully involved in the activity, following the adult next to them, who engages in it with joy and presence.
It is not the household that attracts them. It is the enthusiasm that the adult has put into the effort that will inspire the children. That joy will nurture them enough to be reproduced, and be integrated into them.

In our Olivetree we sing to celebrate the moment of tidying up.
The children join the movement by singing and bring their joy and will.💃
Maybe we should dance like Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire! What ease, flexibility, like a being that slips on the water without getting wet.💦

It is the joy of doing that is communicated to the child, not the obligation to do.

Have you ever experienced joy, pleasure in tidying up your house while singing, dancing?