Team Spirit


I have often noticed that a child’s sense of freedom is equal to his or her sense of being involved in creative activities related to the 4 elements.

Its connection to the soil and water can allow it to free itself from fears and strengthen courage.ย Some parents are horrified to see their child brush itself with dirt and mud, walking barefoot in the garden.

These parents do not usually come to Olivetree๐Ÿค”
There are excellent places in Limassol to keep the uniform cleanย ๐Ÿ‘€

Here at Olivetree, children show a certain ingenuity in teaming up to explore possible ways to use the elements.
As an educator, I remain fascinated by their creativity and spontaneity.

Their whole body speaks, manifests, exults the immense joy of living, of being alive among the living.

A thought: let your child build self-confidence and immerse itself in the elements.

She or he will learn soon enough how to stay clean๐Ÿ™ˆ
Let young children inspire us with their innocence. Let’s stop making them old and serious.

May the youth rejoice!