Unique and different

75061080_2569564069996606_9163118400220692480_oIt is through the development of self-love that the love of the other comes.
Not only a projection of the love we carry to ourselves.
But by a lively and authentic interest in what the other person has in him or her that is unique and true.

Love is then renewed by the eternal quest for the unique beauty of the other, as a single particle of the known cosmos that makes up the majestic and complex watchmaking of the universe.

A healthy and liberating education for the child is to allow it to evolve in its life in full manifestation of its essence and the love of other essences.

75456961_2569564113329935_3583728605932290048_oAn education of freedom is an education centred on the creative act that makes us free humans, living artists who know how to grasp every object, sound, colour, shape and impregnate it with our unique perfume.

An education of freedom is education of courage and action.
The ones that allowed the great celestial watchmaker to create the worlds.

74662392_2569564206663259_7511515385405898752_oUnique and different, we come to earth.

May we live in freedom and awareness.

It is the education of freedom.