Where is the artist in you?


Many years ago, almost a lifetime ago, I was told an anecdote about Rudolf Steiner in the last weeks of his life.

One of his relatives asked him if there were any elements to change in the pedagogy he had created.

He replied: “If I have to change, the curriculum would be art, art and art! »

Rudolf Steiner mentioned at length the main quality that the artist must seek in his act of creation: freedom.

It seemed vital to him that an education based on creativity and experience but not on performance has the power to change the world.

At #olivetreewaldorfcyprus , we take freedom very seriously.

When children paint, we don’t look for performance to make beautiful paintings satisfy the egos of parents or educators.

We do not teach children what they should paint.

We let them use their imitative power and impregnate it with their own will.

They will often find a way to hold the brush, very naturally.

They then begin to experience the waves under their protective fingers.

They will let the colours dance before their eyes, and a sweet melody rises from the work that sometimes only they can hear.

Their painting is born from the deep being, who grasps this impulse of freedom to create a unique work.

Green is born before their eyes, it becomes a true experience that is created from the depth of the soul and remains there for the eternity of life.

To be an artist is also to be able to find within ourselves, the pure impulse that is in the young child; free of all judgement, the forces of will give life to the work without any obstacle or obligation to succeed.

How do you nourish the artist in you?

Do you have spaces of free creativity that give you the ultimate satisfaction of being in touch with your inner self?