71641663_2530297330589947_6798892397313916928_nEvery September, it is like a new year starting, a new life project, wishes to be put in place. It is 10 months of accompanying young children and their parents on the path of life.

For us, educators, it is always the beginning of the year, the new year celebration.
September is the month of all beginnings, where everything seems possible.
At Olivetree, we celebrated our 4th beginning, as a child entering his fourth year, knowing how to walk, to speak, and discovers the plan of thoughts in order to conquer the universe with the instruments that life has placed at his disposal.

Our sincere gratitude to Theodora for having prepared this delightful cake, without sugar or flour, only nuts, cocoa and precious honey, which our friends the bees produce with talent.
@ Olivetree Waldorf Children Garden Limassol