Are children playing or working?

72292781_2527165470903133_3619384762998718464_nWork or play?

Adults often perceive children’s play as a futile phenomenon, an exercise of imagination and fantasy.
It seems to us that the child builds very seriously through play, his relationship with others, he sets the rules, invents them, transforms them, he experiences all kinds of balance and relationship to the other or to the object. He trains himself, teaches himself and finds the natural meaning of life. This is what we witness every day in Olivetree. Children are great world builders. Let them have the opportunity to build a better world, their own world.

Yellow boots for a yellow car, it is a beautiful moment of sharing we have experienced with these 2 children. In the performance of their work, their aesthetic sense remained very alert. Feet or boots in the mud, everything is in contrast with the yellow color: brilliant! .