Our 4th year already!

This is already our fourth year!

In the intimacy of our hearts, Olivetree thanks all the families and friends who accompany us in our growth. Since October 2016, more than 75 children have been welcomed by our educators. Some are still with us after 3 years of mutual development.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people with pioneer spirit who were present during the first days of October 2016. Especially Elvira N and her family, who impulsed the initiative for Olivetree and helped the Waldorf pedagogy to become a reality in Cyprus.

Thank you to Marina B for having devoted her energy and faith to our project.

Thank you to Alexandre B for having devoted 2 years of his youth to developing and strengthening the identity of the place.

Thank you to all of you, young and old, who have placed their trust in Olivetree.

My humble gratitude to Rudolf Steiner who, exactly 100 years ago, showed courage and foresight in revolutionising the art of education. Through him, there are now thousands of places in the world where it is possible to educate towards freedom, creativity and self-confidence.