Organic food, vegetable garden

IMG_3340Since last winter, we have started our own vegetable garden. From February, we had our first harvest and now, can confess Nature is abundant and generous with us. Children are every day having full plates of different herbs and salad, colours and tastes. For whom work with a group of young children,  you know how much difficult to find the right balance with a collective meal that suits with health and taste. It took us months to find some equilibrium between cultural difference, tastes, education, etc. I remember how much it was almost impossible to eat lentils with the children. Now, it is a feast, a celebration! We found a way to keep “Pasta” in our weekly meals, but as organic and gluten-free.

IMG_3117We also learned there is no ” best diet” when you deal with a collectivity. There is more to focus on high quality of each product,  on the joy and ambiance while we share a meal. To make everyone in gratitude and happiness with what we have prepared together.



Sometimes, children are very quiet, eating in silence and veneration. Sometimes, there are happily excited! As educators, we try to reflect the silent moment of connection with food, expressing delight and sincere hunger! We don’t beg for silence. Children find themselves the right attitude to have. There is no mess. When we feel too much excitement may rise, we make sure to now awake the ” Blue Angel, with his blue wings made of peace and silence,” while we whisper.

We consider that organic food is essential for beings and the planet. Thank you  “All Organic shop”,  to make it affordable for our children. Though, having our own vegetable garden makes us feel blessed. It keeps the connection between life process that children can integrate from observation, experimentation and the help to provide in the garden.

Yes, we forgot to be more specific: our meals are vegetarian. Like almost 100% of the Waldorf Kindergarten in the world!