15179154_1869977483288605_8863669607175343983_nTo allow the child to develop his own rich activity, and also promote his ability to explore and create, to build, we deliberately choose a natural quality teaching materials, with beautiful natural colors and simple toys made with noble or raw materials.
The shapes are little prepared to unleash child’s inner representation, its senses and let flourish his personal creative imagination, in his own pulse, in his own style: the fact that the toy does not tell too much permits to respect child’s inner space to imagine himself. On the contrary: too finished, detailed or even sophisticated article, bars the way to child’s imagination.



animals, dolls, household, outer world objects made of natural materials: rustic or noble, soft or hard wood, ceramic, metal, wool, fabric, silk;
pieces of raw materials: wooden logs, planks, bark, pine cones, stones, shells etc;
varied and colorful textures of fabrics: light or heavy, rough or silky-soft.