The rhythm and repetition are key elements that structure the day and the week in OLIVETREE. We organize the year in line with the annual cycle and also different periods of cardinal feasts. IMG_2981Thus, life in kindergarten takes place in a large “breathing”: contrasting activities that punctuate the day, week, month, year, depending on the considered natural cycle (eg day/night, summer/winter)
These rhythms guide the child in the « time », bringing safety and confidence to their regularity. They act as a soft and natural authority.

IMG_2905It is very important for a child to live at its own pace and receive regular rhythms and repetitions. Thus all the variant experiences are collected and truly integrated into child’s development. These essential elements, rhythm, and repetition are providing balancing and healing forces, supporting the child by forming his will and his memory, as well as provide a sensation of stability and protection which provides child’s perception of the world as reliable and trustworthy. With grace and rhythm, we distinguish the polar processes of concentration and relaxation, internalization and externalization, activeness and calmness, likewise breathing process. These natural patterns ensure the harmonious and consistent development of a child.

IMG_2834Thus, healthy rhythm is created: activities of a child’s expressing itself, such as free play, manual or artistic work (drawing, modeling, singing, dancing) are balanced by other types of activities where the child is receptive, such as observing, tales/stories listening, puppet plays watching.

The arts and crafts such as painting – drawing – rhythmic dance – modeling – bread and pastry making each mark a particular day of the week to the delight of children who can identify in time.