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Our Educational Programs

Our exclusive curricula, inspired by Waldorf Education, combined with our perception of our epoch and our mindfulness, enable teachers to create individual and personalized experiences, appropriate to every age group. Each child is unique. Each moment reflects this uniqueness.


Energy Excitement Motion are the qualities that define a toddler and they are used in this program to reveal positive life experiences.

Our programs

Parent/Nanny & child 22Months


Movement Imagination Creativity are the qualities that define a Junior and they are used in this program to empower self learning experiences.

Our programs

Junior Kinder 3,5 to 4Years


This program preps your child with creative moments in forming and maintaining a positive attitude towards self learning, and mastering gross as well as fine motor skills.

Enrollment: 12

Staff Ratio: 1 to 5

Our programs

Senior Kinder 4,5 to 6Years

Experience Self-Learning

Elements of Learning Committed to Creativity

Our curriculum is based on the Waldorf Education, with more than 1000 institutions in the world. Designed by our education team, it’s created to support these important early years, to inspire children to be bold explorers today and joyful, confident learners for life.

We believe that children learn best through play and are inspired by child-based learning. We have several different areas of play in our Waldorf Home.

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Children have a garden to explore and maintain. When the time comes, the harvest of fruits and vegetables makes our hearts fulfilled.


Large motor movement is essential to building the foundations of later cognitive and abstract learning capacity. Ample time is set aside for that year round.

Art & Craft

Children love designing and creating puppets and objects, constructing musical instruments and flower bouquets, and painting, drawing, and crafting to their hearts’ content!

Rhythmic Days

Rhythmic constancy allows children to devote their energies to the tasks of growing and exploring the world. The kindergarten has a regular rhythm Each day is designed with active and quiet moments


Time spent outdoors nourishes the children's joy, physical development, and sense of belonging to the universe.

Free and Active

Children are free to participate in both domestic and artistic activities every day, often assisting adults in their work. Domestic activities include snack preparation, washing up, gardening, cleaning, mending, ironing and caring for our kindergarten environment. Artistic activities include painting, crafts, drawing and modeling (with beeswax or dough).


What makes us different?

Why Choose Olivetree?

  1. Art at the heart of education

    Education through the arts awakens imagination and creative powers, bringing vitality and wholeness to learning.

  2. Nature-Based Learning

    Children develop a bond with nature as they begin to understand their place within it. Children who immerse themselves in a natural and ever-changing environment simply have more opportunities to learn new things in new ways.

  3. Sensory Integration

    Olivetree cultivates a deepened awareness of the senses and works towards deepening essential sensory development in young children. We understand that a large variety of sensory activities are key in building mobility, motor skills, flexibility, spatial awareness, tactile sense, and all sensory integration.

  4. Play Based Learning

    What is best for learning at this age is self-directed play. During creative playtime, as children play and imagine with a wide variety of natural toys and materials, they are developing their imagination, interacting with peers, problem-solving, and carrying tasks to completion.

  5. Rhythm and Structure

    The rhythmic schedule supports the child’s natural internal rhythms; this provides the child with a sense of peace and security in the group.

  6. Quality Educators

    Educators have great moral and spiritual values. They are committed to their personal life as well as in their professional life. They have developed with integrity an approach to the art of education.

Want to know more about us?

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We believe childhood is a fundamentally important life period of sowing future adult seeds;
we believe each child has it's own individuality which needs to process by self-learning and imitation;
we believe in the powerful imagination that a child can manifest;
we believe in the inspiring Nature giving an impulse to keep the childhood's instinctive beauty and enhancing the social sense of sharing humanity;
we believe in the Good, in the Beautiful and in the Truth.

  1. Image of the child

    Teachers can then shape and build on that knowledge by discovering what children already emanate through deep observation, one-on-one relationships, and invite them to explore the world around them.

  2. Creative Freedom

    Children are not taught or commanded to do anything. They are stimulated by the enthusiasm and joy of doing, creating, and learning. Shared joy is a great motivating factor.

  3. Environment is essential

    Our half-hectare property is located outside the town protected by flowering trees. We like to work and play in a natural and attractive environment. Our building is large, warm, and gentle to the eye as well as to the soul. The outdoor environments are vast, with colourful and magical gardens to explore. They allow for a wide variety of activities.


Positive, Empowering Environment – We are committed to providing an uplifting and truthful atmosphere for our children and staff; joyful experiences in a secure, safe, and loving environment.

  • Leadership – We are committed to lead; developing, monitoring, and empowering our children and our staff to reach their full potential.

  • Excellence – We are committed to achieving the highest levels of excellence in child care, education and everything we do; by being highly professional, innovative, creative, compassionate, and enthusiastic.

  • Respect – We are committed to building strong, healthy relationships with each other, our children & their families, along with the community through personal and global communication.

  • Integrity – We are committed to carry out our tasks and carry the high value of the Waldorf Education and Rudolf Steiner impulses.

We have a focus on recruiting and retaining quality teachers and offer competitive remuneration, good student discipline and relatively small class sizes


In 2015, Anthea decided to pursue her dream and actively envision the creation of the first  Waldorf initiative in Cyprus. After receiving the support of her uncle to kick-start the project, in September 2015, she opened the doors of Crystal Island, the first Waldorf-inspired kindergarten in Limassol, CY.  From there, the initiative birthed and began to grow a solid community to support the further development of more initiatives and schools. In 2017, Crystal Island merged with Olivetree, and Anthea, after giving birth to her second child, joined us as a kindergartener.


Margarita is a former teacher from Finland who joined our team in 2020 with dedication and immense playfulness.


Olivetree Founder and Director

Sehil is the founder and director of Olivetree He grew up in Paris.  After studying History and Computer Science at university he decided to join the Waldorf teacher training in 1990 and works in Waldorf Education since 1994. In June 2016, he has been contacted by Elvira N. from Cyprus, to lead the creation of Olivetree,  a Waldorf project in Cyprus. Olivetree kindergarten started the same year in October, Crystal Island, another Waldorf initiative on the island joined Olivetree the year after, in 2017. Sehil collaborates also with Neomed, an alternative medicine clinic in Limassol as Craniosacral therapist. The path of Freedom is essential for Sehil and it is in the heart of Olivetree impulse. Sehil speaks French, English, and studies Russian!


If you have feedback or words of praise that you would like to share, please submit your review on the Testimonials page.

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    Olivetree мы выбрали в качестве детского сада для дочки, когда только приехали на Кипр, на тот момент ей было всего 7 мес.
    Мы решили, что надо определиться с садом сразу, чтобы не было сомнений. В сад она пошла только в 3 года, и конечно же в Olivetree.
    Во-первых, это место в корни отличается от стандартного детского сада , в самом классическом его понимании. Тут, как я говорю, как у бабушки в деревне с деревянными игрушками и петухами вокруг.
    Во-вторых, нам было очень важно, чтобы ребёнок в детском саду был свободным, как у той же бабушки, кушал хорошо без того чтобы его заставляли и адаптация прошла как можно мягче.
    К слову, в Olivetree мой ребёнок ест за обе щеки гречку, рис и картошку по две порции, потому что ему очень вкусно, а дома конечно же не вкусно 🙂

    Про адаптацию можно вообще написать отдельный пост, так как в обычном детском саду ты привел ребёнка , за дверью 30 минут посидел, пока он сам адаптируется с чужими ему людьми, потом тебе вывели твое чудо, благо, если не орущего 🙂 Как правило, на 3-4 день ребёнок понимает, что дело запахло жареным и не хочет в принципе заходить в двери сада без мамы.

    В Olivetree ты можешь быть сколько хочешь с ребёнком, пока не поймешь, что он привык, ему комфортно и хорошо. Тогда у него остаются в памяти только положительные моменты, связанные с садом, он уже знает всех людей там, он видит, что родители «одобрили» это место и что тут безопасно. Воспитатели знают маму и папу и им можно доверять.
    Сехил (директор сада) всегда подскажет как и когда вы сможете оставить ребёнка уже без себя.

    Самое главное для нас, когда мы забираем ребёнка из Olivetree – она всегда улыбается.

    От всей души рекомендую этот домик с видом на море, окружённый заботой о вашем ребёнке и пением петухов.

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    Best ever kindergarten! Unique in Cyprus!

    Deep gratitude to you, Sehil from whole our family. Feel me blessed that my son spent with you awesome three years.

    As parents we always are in searches for best to our kids. To have you as first teacher to my son in such lovely atmosphere was best decision. Thank you once again for all love and care you have to our son

  • img

    I was trying to send my son to OliveTree 3 times. First was when he was 1.5 and he was too young, second – when I thought he is not happy with his current kindergarten; and final third – when I was sure he is not happy and it was time to change something.

    Big groups, lots of rules, small “garden” with plastic grass, junk food, perpetual sickness – this is NOT about the OliveTree.

    OliveTree is about freedom and love; about the value (more…)

  • img

    We found out about the unique Olive Tree kindergarten accidentally – our two friend’s kids have been going there for the last 3 years and were extremely happy.

    Our Alice adapted immediately from the first day, and for the last half a year she asks us to bring her to kindergarten almost every morning.


    Our family really likes that in the Olive Tree there is no goal to «raise» a child in the traditional sense of the word, (more…)

  • img

    I absolutely love OliveTree. It is a great place to be for the child and the parent, to learn, to participate, and to enjoy great people and the environment. It is a place where my child wanted to go and to stay. And I have to say that I found Olive Tree after visiting a few other kindergartens.

    I would start by saying that I cannot call OliveTree a kindergarten. It is much more! (more…)

We Create a Nurturing Environment for Each Child

We provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere that enhances self-learning, inspires truthful moral values, encourages social interaction, and enriches awareness of the natural and imaginary world. We’re a warm and loving community of children, teachers, and parents who believe imagination, creativity, and play are the keys for a healthy education.

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Children need healthy, joyful meals

Healthy Food for Creative Children

By eating organic family-style meals, children learn about making healthy choices and the connection between food and community. Health starts from a healthy adult environment. Harmony is our priority. Our meals are vegetarian, prepared, and served in our kitchen. Immense attention is given to the "Joy effect.". Children are not meant to eat "adults" anxiety. Children are here to absorb life and joy thru meals. Our meals are "Made with Love".




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